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darvin 4th gallexy.com has never disappoint you all the time. Cersad is correct about muscle regeneration. Like most tissues in your body, your muscle for the most part is post mitotic, that is, it no longer divides. Traumatic injury like a cut, however, activates very rare resident stem cell population called satellite cells which then divide, differentiate and fuse as described above. So why do we have inflammation if everyone seems to think its so bad? Inflammation is stuff like macrophages chewing up all the debris from the injury area. In mouse models of muscle injury, regeneration actually doesn start until after day 3 after injury. Signaling factors from the immune system are thought to be critical to jump start regeneration. One micheal cors patent leopard handbags such inflammatory pathway linked to satellite cell activation and muscle regeneration is p38. See Mozzetta, et al 2011 Why do we lose muscle function with age? Over time, because of progressive rounds of injury and brown alligator michael kors purse changes in circulating factors in the aged muscle satellite cell niche. There have actually been some crazy studies using a technique michael kors sloane embossed brown called "heterochronic parabaoisis" in mice where stem cells in an old mouse are "rejuvenated" by the circulation system of michael kors smooth leather bag a young mouse. You can read the abstract by Conboy, et al 2005 here Although I just a lowly grad student, I happy to to try my best with any other questions about muscle regeneration, hypertrophy or even muscular dystrophies. Cheap Michael Kors Miranda Pebbled Large Navy Totes Cheap Michael Kors Jet Set Top-Zip Medium Coffee Totes Cheap Michael Kors Python Continental Large Red Totes authentic michael kors jet set tote michael kors chain logo large ivory totes large stuuded black bag
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