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chelsea pensl 2 zipt cases has never disappoint you all the time. How long you sleep is therefore a function of both the time you go to bed and spot fake michael kors saffiano wallet the amount of sleep debt that you have accumulated. michael kors studded hamilton When people sleep for a very long time, it is generally due to a large accumulated sleep debt. In that sense, it is not possible to sleep for "too long". If allowed to freely sleep, people sleep until their homeostatic sleep pressure is sufficiently dissipated and then they naturally awaken. One study had healthy young adults live on a schedule where they spent 14 h per day in bed in darkness for 28 days. Before the experiment, they were just keeping their regular schedules. On the first night of the experiment, they slept for 12 h. On the second and third nights they were down to 10 h. At the two week mark, they were still sleeping for 9 h per night. Only by the three week mark had sleep durations settled down to about 8 8.5 h. We know that sleep debt can accumulate on long timescales. One study found that when getting insufficient sleep (4 h or 6 h per night), cognitive performance progressively declines across 2 weeks, with no signs of leveling off. All of the existing cognitive data suggest that longer sleep opportunities lead to better cognitive performance and decreased sleepiness, since they allow more sleep homeostatic pressure to be dissipated. This is thought to be beneficial to the brain for several reasons, including discount pink studded michael kors purse michael kors leopard bag memory consolidation, restoration of brain energy stores, and synaptic pruning. Cheap Michael Kors Perforated Chain Large Pink Totes Cheap Michael Kors Harper Large Black Totes Cheap Michael Kors Lock Logo Large Black Cherry Totes selma bag michael ivory michael kors value spree cheap replica designer handbags michael kors
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