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smooth black leather bag for girls

smooth black leather bag for girls has never disappoint you all the time. Refills: $13.09 for a 2 pack. Each refill claims to hold 270 diapers, but I teacher bags michael kors doubt that number is accurate. With 2 babies, one refill lasted about michael kors jet set metallic blue 5 7 days typically. Only certain stores carried them, and sometimes a store would carry them one week and not the next. My husband had to go to three different stores once to find them when we ran out. Very inconvenient! In order to change bags you had to open it up and cut the refill then tie it fake cynthia tote mochael kors off. This is hard to do with two toddlers running around, and the cutter is sharp and could be dangerous if they got it open. Size: Medium It seemed like this pail would fill up quickly. Because of the way the bags work, sometimes it would seem full, but the diapers just weren't stuffed down properly so space in the bag was wasted. Odor control: Fair. Their room always smelled vaguely of diaper odor when we used this. Design: This is by far the easiest to get into with the orange and white striped bag handy foot pedal. When you are holding a smelly diaper and want to get rid of it fast all while holding onto a squirming baby, this diaper pail gets the job done! Cheap Michael Kors Hamilton Checkerboard Medium Yellow Totes Cheap Michael Kors Embossed Large Brown Totes Cheap Michael Kors Logo Monogram Drawstring Large Bronze Totes michael kors jet set tote with scarf on sale michael kors vanilla totes cheap large michael kors bags
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