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black selma studded leather crossbody bag has never disappoint you all the time. I am 38 years old and I hurt my lower back when trying to move a heavy box. My MRI says 1. Mild Posterior Disk Bulge at L3 L4,L4 L5, and L5 S 1. 2. Moderate Central Canal Stenosis at L5. 3. Facet Hypertrophy at L3 L4, L4 L5 and L5 S1. 4. Mild Bilateral Neural Foraminal Narrowing at L4 L5. I realize there were some changes going on but I never had any pain before I moved the box. The pain was acute and it was eight months ago. The episodes of pain would come and go but now that I am at a different job which requires me being on my feet sometimes eight referral.com michael kors hours a day; this episode that started about month ago will not go away and continues to get worse. I wear a lumbar support brace, I have tried all medications to no avail, I have had a steroid injection, and do therapy along with home exercises. The pain has gotten so bad now that it is all I can do to work. Even sitting on light duty hurts. I go to therapy and wear my cheap michael kors selma brace. My legs and feet are always tingling and will go completely numb; worse on the right side. The pain is getting excruciating and yet my doctor says that it helps to work all day and has me at full duty. All my life is just working because I need my job, the rest of my life is spent in bed or on the couch. I have three children to raise and I am scared that it is going to get worse and worse. My doctor says that therapy will cure me even though I am working forty hours a week and my therapist says that the therapy is not going to work if I do not rest it. Is therapy going to help? What are my options? I am at my wits end, is there a cure? Will I always live in this pain? Am I hurting myself more by working forty hours a week? What does all this MRI mean? It really hasn't been explained to me, I just know I hurt. Sitting hurts, standing hurts, my legs and feet always tingle and go numb when I sit, I have given my life up to pain this time and it has been a burden on my family and I have no quality of life in this pain. I am having another epidural, will this hurt me? Cure the problem? Hurt the problem? I am desperate and all I get from my doctor is "you will get through it." What tests can be done other than an MRI? What will they show? Since the numbness goes away, does this mean that I do not have nerve damage? What could I be doing to make it worse? Thank you for your time. I am sorry to hear about your discomfort. Lets see if If I can start be explaining your MRI findings first., and I apologise if you know all this already. Your spine as you know is made of vertebrae (the bony part) joined together in a chain by discs (like bags of jelly) and facet joints (sort of like hinges), and ligaments. Through the spine as you, probably know, runs the spinal cord and the nerve roots that supply the rest of your body with sensation and michael kors fulton pink and brown leather bag motor function. The cord and the nerve roots lie just behind the discs, and in front of the hinges, and the nerve roots leave the spinal canal through narrow gaps called the foramens (actually foramina). The bags of jelly that allow the movement of the spine, can, because of degenerative chnages or do to an injury develop a weakness in its wall. This results in a bulge in the disc. The wall may actually rupture leading to extrusion of the jelly like material in the disc. The facet joints undergoing an arthritis process may enlarge. The ligament may appear to become thickened. On top of these four, there may be inflammatory swelling. All these narrow the space for the cord and the nerve roots mk jacquard in brown gold metallic wallets in the canal and the foramina. This narrowing is called stenosis. Cheap Michael Kors Lock Logo Large Green Totes Cheap Michael Kors Hamilton Logo Small Coffee Totes Cheap Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Large Purple Totes michael kors jet set travel 179€ american mk vanilla disposable shoulder scarves
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