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michael kors jet set grayson checker

michael kors jet set grayson checker has never disappoint you all the time. Making tote bags is very simple and requires only about one hour of sewing. Making tote bags is michael kors yellow purse a great project to. How to Embellish a Tote Bag Tote bags are incredibly is michael kors sutton large cheaper with silver toned hardware useful, but they can also be incredibly boring. If you embellish a tote bag, you can turn it.?DIY Vintage Wedding Paper Treat Bags Hi, I'm Linda Hutchinson. Today, I'm going to show you how to make a vintage looking paper treat bag for a wedding. You can take a regular lunch bag. They come in white and other colors, but I kind of like to use the old fashioned, kind of brown one, it gives that vintage y look. So, you're just going to fill it with whatever treats, party favors, whatever you want to, fold it over like this. Then, I have some old looking card stock, it's kind of a beige, antique y look. I'm using this corner punch to give this nice, little vintage y effect to it. Then, I'm going to take a little ink and just kind of rub it along the edges, like this to give that vintage y look, to give it a little aged look to it. And you can do this on the bag as well, if you would like, but with cheap black totes the brown bag, I think, it already has enough of a vintage kind of look. Then, you can just put the name of the bride and groom,and put that over this. Now, I'm going to punch a couple holes up here, right through the card stock and the bag, like this. This is a little tear shape kind of punch, you can use any kind. I'm going to take some ribbon, again, whatever color scheme the wedding is, you can use, I'm using some peach here. But whatever the color scheme is, you can go with. I kind of like the peach with the vintage y look. I'm just going to tie a little bow on either side to seal it up and give it a little decoration. Again, if you would like, you can take some ink and go over the ribbon with it, to give it that aged look. I would suggest perhaps, not using it on satin ribbon, it may not, it may slide off, of it onto the fingers. If you want to do that, perhaps use a Grosgrain ribbon, something a little more absorbent. And there you have cheap michael kors selma bag a quick, easy and inexpensive paper treat bag a vintage look for michael kors studded tote with mk logo a wedding. My name is Linda Hutchinson, and thank you so much for joining me, bye bye.?DIY Wedding Welcome Bags Cheap Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Travel Large Orange Totes Cheap Michael Kors Monogram Mirror Metallic Signature Large Blue Totes Cheap Michael Kors Striped Travel Large Yellow White Totes michael kors fulton flat wristlet michael kors red handbags best price michael kors gold bag
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