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michael kors soft leather hamilton satchel has never disappoint you all the time. We now get to what may be the creepiest movie ever made. It was Disney's first color animation movie michael kors bag green handles worth so we're sure it wasn't intentionally petrifying, but a petition should probably be in place to keep it permanently in the vault and away from parents who value their children's ability to sleep at night. It's ironic that a film with ample tree monsters michael kors hamilton specchio coffee and a villainess so evil they forgot to give her hair would have the sissiest prince of any Disney movie yet. That may have just been how they played male royalty in the 30's, but in today's understanding it might be more accurate to call Snow White a dual princess lead. When we first see "Prince" (very original Disney, and to answer your question, no, the actual Prince did not appear in this film he was micheal kors selma medium zip stchel brown logo too black medium giada shoulder bag busy recording Dirty Mind) he is wearing the fruitiest hat known to man and sporting questionably red lips. He sings with Snow White, she runs away in alarm (most likely because of the hat), and he leaves crestfallen. Snow White then commits the majority of her airtime to seven other men and various adorable woodland creatures and of course eating food given to her from people who look like this: The next michael michael kors bedford soft pebble brown time we see Prince we learn that he has been searching for Snow White the whole time, and he comes up to her singing again. This time she's dead, and she's been dead for a while, add that to the fact that she's not yet pubescent and endure the grossest kiss in the history of morality. So we're clear, the Prince kisses an 11 year old that has been dead for like two weeks and gets applauded for it, lesson: if you ever learn how to time travel, NEVER GO BACK TO 1937 BECAUSE IT'S FUCKED UP THERE. Cinderella, the fundamental underdog story, or as Disney calls it "the sweetest story ever," is so widely told that it was just be repetitive to relay it again, unless we brought Brandi back to act it out. First off, let's all agree that "Prince Charming" really is an unfortunate name. What if he wasn't charming for a day? He would never live it down. He literally could never be unpleasant. What if he was getting mugged? Would he still have to be charming? It's downright unfair, he should have been called Prince Put Under an Insane Amount of Pressure For No Reason, but this is all beside the point. Cheap Michael Kors Logo Monogram Large Ivory Totes Cheap Michael Kors Logo Medium Brown Totes Cheap Michael Kors Jet Set Pebbled Leather Medium Red Totes michael kors jet set scarf navy michael kors margo satchel vanilla cheap michael kors crossbody
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