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michael michael kors large hamilton striped canvas tote navy and white

michael michael kors large hamilton striped canvas tote navy and white has never disappoint you all the time. Whether you are felting a new or recycled item, you must use 100 percent wool. Although wool blends might shrink somewhat, they will not achieve a true tightly felted look. You should also be aware that if the item you plan to felt includes embellishments or decorative stitches using something other than wool yarn, it will not react in the same manner as the main wool piece. Add embroidery and trims to a new knitted or crocheted item after you have finished felting the article. If michael kors miranda studded tote you are recycling a wool sweater, remove decorative stitching if possible before you felt the article, or just be aware that you likely will not be able to use that section of fabric due to puckering. Felting wool is a simple process, michael kors harper large tote vanilla as your washing machine does the work for you. Set your machine to wash the item in hot water and a cool rinse. You can wash the item once or repeat the wash cycle until the desired appearance is achieved. The item can then be tossed into the dryer to shrink up even more, or be laid flat to dry if you don't want further shrinking. Top loading washing machines work best for felting, as the agitator helps process the fibers. If orange and white striped bag you have a front loading machine, place a tennis ball into the machine when you wash the item. If you are recycling sweaters to make felted fabric, you don't have to be concerned about the amount of shrinkage, as you cut the pieces to size after the felting has been completed. Felting new items is a bit trickier because you can't be completely sure just how much the item will shrink. For this reason, nonapparel items that don't have to come out to a specific finished size (such as purses, pillows or accessories) are better for felting than garments. If you want to attempt to felt a garment, you must perform a test before felting the article. Knit or crochet one piece of the garment, such as a sleeve. Use the same yarn and knitting needles or crochet hook that you plan to use for your actual garment. Before washing, write down the dimensions of the sample piece. Wash and dry the sample and measure it again to see how much it shrunk. When making your article, keep this amount of shrinkage in mind and make the garment proportionately larger. Even with making a sample piece, felting a garment is a risky process and michael kors navy and white checker board far from exact science. Make only a garment that does not require a tailored fit. Cheap Michael Kors Logo Monogram Medium Coffee Totes Cheap Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Large Grey Totes Cheap Michael Kors Amangasett Straw Large Beige Totes mk bags at arundel mall michael kors white jet set flap coin holder leather tote bleck sale michael kors
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